Fully funded nursing scholarships for international students

The African Palliative Care Association (APCA), in collaboration with Global Partners in Care (GPIC) in the United States, offers a limited number of scholarships for palliative care training opportunities each year.

The APCA and GPIC recognize the critical role that nurses and social workers play in providing comprehensive palliative care to people with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses and their families.

Despite this, inadequate palliative care inclusion in pre-service (undergraduate) training for nurses and social workers, a lack of clear career pathways for those interested in specializing in palliative care, and a lack of recognition of palliative care qualifications by local ministries of health and education remain challenges.

The Palliative Care Fully Funded Nursing Scholarships for Nurses and Social Workers program aims to provide an opportunity for nurses and social workers who are involved in palliative care provision or who are determined to lead the development of such services in their settings to receive specialist training.

Palliative care is a growing field in Africa, and nurses and social workers are frequently unprepared to deal with the complex issues it encompasses.

This Fund’s training opportunities are intended to improve the skills, knowledge, attitudes, values, methods, and sensibilities required to work effectively in palliative care with patients, families, health care providers, and the community. APCA UK has joined GPIC this year to contribute to the Scholarship Fund.

Host Institution(s): Any recognized institution of higher learning in Africa that provides palliative care training. Here are some examples:

The Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care in Africa/Hospice Africa Uganda, Mildmay Uganda, Nairobi Hospice/Oxford Brooks University in the United Kingdom, the University of Malawi, and the University of Cape Town in South Africa are among the institutions involved.

The study can also take the form of a fellowship/experiential learning from an institution such as a hospice or palliative care program with well-established social work services for Social Workers.

Level/Field of study: Palliative care studies at the diploma, degree, or master’s level. Those in their final year of study will be given priority for degree and master level studies.
Clinical fellowships and experiential learning are also options for social workers.

Nursing Scholarship amount and duration:

  • Nurses will each receive USD 2,500.
  • Each social worker receives USD 1,500. This amount will vary depending on whether you choose a formal course or experiential learning at a hospice.


  • A degree-holding qualified nurse or social worker who lives and works in Africa
  • For social workers who apply to undertake experiential learning, has obtained a place on a desired palliative care course in an institution in Africa recognized by APCA or a hospice recognized by the national palliative care association or Ministry of health.
  • Current nursing or social work license, if applicable
  • Able to complete the application legibly Able to obtain full support from a place of work Able to serve the institution of work for at least a year after completion of the training Willing to contribute to future fundraising for the scholarship fund This could be in the form of a thank you letter.

The Nursing scholarship application deadline

19th April 2020.

Should you require additional support or information contact the scholarships officer at APCA by telephone at +256 393 264978 or email to:nurses.scholarships@africanpalliativecare.org

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