Turkiye Burslari Scholarships 2022-2023 Online Applications Website

International student recruitment for hundreds of fully-funded Turkey Government Scholarships 2022-2023 sessions will begin this year under a variety of degree program options. The application will be submitted online for free and will not require IELTS testing.

Many students aspire to study at a prestigious university abroad. Some people will go to any length to achieve their objectives and work harder. Despite their efforts, however, high tuition and housing costs frequently prevent them from pursuing their dreams. But those days of concern are over.

The Turkish government welcomes students from all over the world to participate in their scholarship programs. These programs assist deserving candidates in honing their inner abilities and talents. Allow them to explore different cultures and gain new experiences.

So, start gathering your necessary documents and other materials and apply for the scholarship online before it’s too late. The opening date for Turkish scholarship application submission is 10th-Jan-2022, and the deadline for Turkey Scholarships application filing is 24th-Feb-2022.

This Turkish scholarship program allows international students to complete their bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees for free. Aside from that, it includes certain benefits for the convenience and comfort of students.

Turkey scholarship 2022-2023 Coverage:

Scholarship programs in Turkey play an important role in providing free education to qualified students. They also provide numerous benefits throughout their educational journey. Here are a few examples:

Free of charge lodging:

Stop worrying about other expenses if you have been chosen for the scholarship program. The scholarship policy will cover the majority of the necessities. For example, awarded students receive free housing in university dorms until they complete their degree.

A useful monthly stipend:

Without a doubt, there are many fundamental things that frequently require money. As a result, the scholarship recipients receive a monthly stipend based on their degree program.

For BS students, the monthly stipend is ($103) or 700 TL. It is 950 TL ($140) for postgraduate students and 1400 TL ($206) for Ph.D. students.

Medical and travel expenses:

All travel and medical expenses are the responsibility of the Turkish government. They supply two plane tickets, one for arrival and one for departure. Similarly, public health insurance will cover a candidate’s medical expenses.

Education without tuition fees:

As previously stated, these scholarships are entirely free of charge.

Free Turkish language instruction:

Students who do not speak Turkish will receive a year of free training in a Turkish language course. Failing the first sufficiency test will result in an additional three months of training for retaking the exams.

The Application Process for the Turkey Scholarship Programs:

The online application form can be found on the official website. To avoid mistakes, carefully read all of the instructions provided. The deadline, however, is February 24, 2021. To create a complete profile, candidates must first create a free account on the Turkish Scholarship application portal, fill out their biodata, and attach the documents listed below.

Following that, candidates must select a Turkish Scholarship offering type from the portal and then click on submit an application for that.

Documents Set for Turkish Scholarship Application:

  • Before applying for a Turkish scholarship, you must have a diploma or certificate from any degree you have completed.
  • Make a list of all the community service you did in your previous school or school.
  • Graded high school transcripts
  • Middle school grade report cards
  • A statement of purpose, a letter of intent, and a research proposal are all required.
  • Passport, photograph, and NIC of the candidate
  • Every academic transcript.
  • Graduation certificate or diploma certificate
  • Language test results and international exam results (if mentioned)
  • Finally, a certificate of language ability.’
  • Your most recent course grades, as well as a certificate
  • IELTS or any other curse for which you have received a certificate.
  • Teachers’ letters of recommendation for your excellent academic performance.
  • Please include any work experience you have.

Eligibility Criteria turkiye burslari scholarship 2022 application form:

The general eligibility criteria for all scholarship programs is that the candidate must not be a current or former Turkish citizen.

But Students under the age of 21 with a minimum score of 70% are eligible for Undergraduate programs. Similarly, the age limit for a Master’s degree is 30 years, while the age limit for a Ph.D. is 35 years. Applicants over the age of 18 are not eligible for the scholarship. However, to be eligible for the Master’s and Ph.D. programs, the average score must be 75%.

Turkey’s universities have made a name for themselves in the world due to their high quality education and low tuition fees. Meanwhile, these universities offer a variety of Turkey Scholarships funded by the Turkish government in a variety of disciplines. All international students are eligible to apply for these scholarship programs in order to complete their Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees, as well as short and research courses. However, in order to avoid any gaps in your selection process, you must apply for the scholarship program by the deadline.

The application calendar for various Turkish scholarship programs for 2022-2023 is available here. It contains all information regarding application opening and closing dates, interview dates, and so on.

Turkey Research Scholarships application schedule 2022-2023:

There are four application periods for the research scholarships program for the academic year 2022-2023. If you did not have the opportunity to submit your application by the first deadline, apply in the next round.

Turkey Scholarships 2022 Application Calendar
Opening Date:January 10, 20221 April 20221 July 20221 October 2022
Closing Date:February 24, 202230 June 202230 Sep 202231 Dec 2022
Result Announcement:April 2022July 2022October 2022January 2023

Calendar of applications for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships 2022-2023:

From the application opening date to the start of the academic year of scholarship 2022-2023, all information is available here.

Turkey Scholarship CATEGORY:DATE:
Application OpeningJanuary 10, 2022
Application ClosingFebruary 24, 2022
Process of EvaluationFebruary till May 2022
Interview CallMarch till June 2022
Results AnnouncementJuly 2022
Application ProcessJuly – August 2022
Start of the Academic year10 – 20 September 2022

Turkey Success Scholarship 2022-2023 application calendar:

Application OpeningOctober 2022
Application ClosingNovember 2022
Evaluation ProcessNovember – December 2022
Result AnnouncementDecember 2022

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