Canadian Free Fully Funded Scholarship Programmes For The 2023/2024 Academic Sessions.

Canada is one of the best countries in the world when trying to acquire qualitative education, and there are a couple of Canadian schools advancing Free Fully Funded Scholarships to both local and international students.

Canada is ranked 4th in the world when it comes to education and has remained in the top 5 since 2016. With a population of 38.25 Million, according to the Last census in 2021, Canada offers a lot of quality learning, affording their students a comprehensive, steady, peaceful and positive environment, with well equipped schools for substantial education levels and a quality standard of living. This is why when international students think about studying abroad, the United Kingdom, the US and Canada comes to mind. But what makes Canada stand out? Affordability.

You can check out the List of Schools below to find out which one suits your academic dreams. These Schools offer Barchelors, Masters and Doctorate Degree programmes, whichever you would like to go in for, you can be sure of getting their Free Fully Funded Scholarships when you are successful with your admission. Although some schools actually leave their admission schedule open till maximum intake, it is always avisable to seek admission before or on deadline date to stand an advantage of getting a successful admission and of course their Scholarship schemes.

1.University Of Toronto Scholarships for 2023/2024

Regarded as one of the top ranking public institutions in Toronto, the Universtity of Toronto ranks 34th place in the QS world ranking of 2023. The University is regarded as one of the best schools in the world for quality education. This School offers Five thousand Scholarships to students applying for Undergraduate and Graduate Programmes.

  • Admission Deadline – 17 Jan 2023
  • Category – Fully Funded Scholarship
  • Canada

A perfect opportunity for International students desiring to study abroad. The Canadian Govt opens its doors to all countries in the world to come and study in Canada. The School provides 4,400 undegraduate Fully Funded Scholarships in a variety of courses. With Canada’s massive budget for education, its stable econnomy, international students are guaranteed a stable, free, peaceful and friendly environment of study.

Courses Available For Study.

Engineering, Health Science, Forestry, Biomedical Communication, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Social Science, Nursing Management, Criminology And Law, Physics, African Studies, Environment And Energy, American Studies, Information, Physical Therapy, Occupational Science And Therapy, Medicine, Commerce, Data Science, Computer Science, Developmental Biology, Creative Writing, East Asian Studies, Environmental Chemistry, Biochemistry, Astronomy, Earth Science and a whole lot more.

Please Note that Applicants must be proficient in the English Language and must meet the school’s requirement. The School has a high acceptance percentage rate and is currently at 44%. It would require that you be at your utmost best with a solid past academic record. Candidates are also expected to have required Health Certificate(s).

Procedure For Application

Candidates must make sure to be admitted before the date of admission. This provides the school enough time to evaluate all applicants for the Scholarship Programme. Please consult the School for further details by copying and pasting the folloing link into your browser.

There are a number of Fully Funded Scholarship programmes and one of them is the —

Lester B, Pearson International Scholarship. This Scholarship covers all Tuition Costs, Book Expenses, Accomodation Expenses and many other expenses.

Please copy and paste the following link in your browser to access this page:

Another Scholarship Scheme is the —

University Of Toronto International Scholar Award. The Amount for this Scholarship is up to a 100,000 CAD equivalent to 79,195 USD.

Please copy and paste the following link to access page:

Let us emphasize that all Applicants will receive adequate and equal consideration for the University Of Toronto Scholarship schemes valued at 100,000 CAD, broken down into 40,000 CAD in the first year and 20,000 CAD in the following years.

As earlier expressed, it would be to the applicants ernomous advantage to have a very good academic record, being that although this Scholarship programme may be eligible for all applicants, the school board reserves the right to cancel such due to negative academic performance.

2. University Of Saskatchewan Scholarships Canada 2023/2024.

The University of Saskatchewan Canada offers a variety of courses in their Barchelors, Masters, Certificate Programmes, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate Programmes.

Established on the 19th of March 1907, the University is ranked between 301-400 in the world and is home to more than 3000 International students in every session academic year, from over 130 countries globally.

The Scholarship duration for all programmes in the University are as follows —

  • Undergraduate – 4 years
  • Master – 2 Years
  • Doctoral – 3years

One of the big advantages of studying in University of Saskatchewan is the warm loving residents of the State. You will relish their warm welcome as an international student new to a totally fresh environment. Standard of living is so wow, the cost of studying and living is so flexible and affordable and of course the standard of learning is very high and full of quality.

It is best to be well prepared for the academic journey in this University which affords you various Free Scholarship schemes. Best and brightest Scholarship Schemes afford you annual renewal, making sure that your Tuition Fees, Book fees, Accomodation Fees and any other costs are Freely and Fully funded based on high academic performances. These Scholarshp Schemes include the following —

  • Edwards Undergraduate Scholarships valued at $24,000, split into a four year programme of $6000.
  • Chancellors Scholarship valued at $30,000 spread at a rate of $7,500 dollars in a four year duration.
  • U of S Entrace Scholarship valued at $24,000 split into four years of $6000 each.
  • George as wellas Marsha Ivany’s Presidsent’s The First And Top Scholarship valued at $40,000 and spread at a rate of $10,000 per year.
  • College Of Agriculture and Bioresources Renewable Entrance Scholarship valued at $12,000 distributed into $3000 per year.

For Graduate Programmes there are various Scholarship Resources;

Deans Scholarship At The University Offers $18,000 for Master Degree For Upto 2 Years.

$22,000 for Doctoral Degree for upto 3 years duration.

Eligibility For Scholarship in Saskatchewan University

Barchelors: Must have completed Secondary (High School) Education From Outside Canada.

Masters: Must have a first degree or its equivalent from a recognized institution.

Post Graduate Diploma: First Degree from a reputable higher institution.

Ph.D: Must have a Masters Degree from a recognized institution, in a course synonimous with the area of Research.

Process Of Application

Candidates must apply online on or before the Deadline.


1st Of May, 2023 (Fall Application)

University Of British Columbia Scholarships Canada 2023/2024

The University of British Columbia runs a Public Scholars Award that defines a high quality of Research for Ph.D students. You are only eligible for this Scholarship Programme based on your High Quality Research. If you meet the criteria of this award, then apply and receive a Free Fully Paid Scholarship by copying and pasting the folowing link in your Browser. Application opens at the end of MARCH and runs till the end of MAY 2023

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